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Advertising and sponsorship opportunities

For more information, download our media pack below or email [email protected].

Advertising options

Weather specific targeting with web banners

We offer granular data-driven targeting to allow you to hyper-focus campaigns for the most relevant audience segments based on their specific interests and needs, maximizing campaign effectiveness and ROI. Targeting can include:

  • Forecast location: Deliver your message to users interested in specific towns, cities, and regions.
  • Weather preferences: Target users searching for specific temperature ranges, rainfall amounts, and/or wind speeds.
  • Pollen levels: Reach individuals with allergies based on their pollen concerns.
  • Weather types: Target users interested in specific weather events, like snow or sunshine.
  • Live weather warnings: Reach audiences actively seeking updates on current weather threats.

View our media pack for available banner sizes.

Gain premium visibility: sponsor our national weather forecast video

Gain premium visibility and reach millions with pre-roll ad placements on our highly viewed weather forecasts. Updated three times daily, videos on our app, homepage, and forecast pages offer brand-safe exposure and high engagement.

  • A highly engaged audience: gain premium pre-roll sponsorship placement within our highly viewed national weather forecasts, reaching millions daily across the Met Office homepage, forecast pages, and mobile app.
  • Trusted & relevant content: leverage our authoritative, relevant, and trusted weather content for brand-safe exposure. Our forecasts are updated three times daily, ensuring constant relevance for your target audience.
  • Proven engagement: drive brand awareness and engagement with our consistently high viewership and engagement rates.

Sponsored weather and climate content partnerships

We value collaboration through content partnerships with organisations impacted by weather and climate. We offer the co-creation of informative editorial content through our weather studios. Contact us via to explore how we can work together on [email protected] potential content collaborations.

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Targeting social media

Our 𝕏 account is followed by nearly 1m people and generates approximately 25-30m impressions every month. Partner with us and leverage our established social media presence to drive brand awareness and engagement.

Our pricing is based on a variety of factors, including the ad format, the targeting options, and the length of the campaign. We offer a range of flexible pricing options to fit your budget.