Heavy snow has fallen across large parts of Wales and Central England with as much as 32cm recorded in Sennybridge in Wales. In England 17cm was recorded at High Wycombe. The heaviest snow has fallen through the morning on Sunday, with snow showers fading out through the evening and overnight.

Sunday night will be a very cold night, especially in areas with lying snow where temperatures could get as low as -12°C.

Chief Meteorologist Steve Ramsdale said: “There have been some large falls of snow in parts of Wales and central England and these accumulations could still cause some disruption as we start the working week. After a cold night there is likely to be ice in areas that have settled snow and also in parts of the south east where rain pushes in from the southeast.”

Away from the south east on Monday many places in the UK will have a bright, sunny but very cold start with snow showers confined to Scotland and Northern Ireland.

A ridge of high pressure will move across the UK on Tuesday bringing widespread fine and dry but still cold conditions. Overnight a front will move in from the west leading to all areas waking up to a much greyer rainy morning on Wednesday.

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