Cold Arctic air remains dominant over the UK, with snow and ice hazards continuing ahead of the weekend for many in the northern half of the country, especially parts of Scotland.  

A number of Met Office weather warnings remain in force, with an Amber warning for snow for northern parts of Scotland in force until 1800 today, where high ground could see in excess of 40cm of snow accumulate before the weekend. At lower levels in the north of mainland Scotland, snow will start to turn to rain from the west later tonight and on Friday.  

A change is on the way 

The cold Arctic air currently in place over the UK will start to be displaced from the north and west from Friday, allowing weather conditions to take on an Atlantic influence again with milder air eventually returning. 

However, while temperatures will increase from the markedly low figures of recent days, this change in airmass will also introduce a return to much windier weather for Sunday and Monday as well as bring spells of rain, especially in the west. 

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist David Hayter explained: “Conditions will stay cold on Friday but a change in weather type is on the way, bringing milder air for the UK during the course of the weekend.  

“This change will initially be relatively benign in terms of weather impacts, with a dry Friday and start to Saturday for many in the south of the UK. The Atlantic influence will then introduce some wet and windy weather, with a deep area of low pressure approaching from the west on Sunday. 

“While detail is still being worked out, we expect windy weather for many and some heavy rain in the west and so we’ve issued warnings for Sunday for wind and rain. Watch out for updates to these warnings on Friday and Saturday as the forecast develops.” 

The exception to the benign start to the weekend is in northern and western Scotland, with showers continuing Friday ahead of some rain on Saturday. Increasingly here, snow will become confined to high ground.  

Snow melt, in addition to continued rain over the weekend, could represent an additional hazard for those in the north of Scotland.  

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