Stylised image of different types of weather above the earth globe.

Powered by the Met Office

We know - from surveys we carry out - how useful people find weather forecasts, that the majority of the UK public see a forecast at least once a day, and that people access forecasts in a range of places. This includes websites, apps, social media and television or radio.

We also know that not everyone comes directly to the Met Office for their weather forecasts, but did you know that Met Office data and model outputs are at the heart of the weather sector in the UK?

Exceptional science, data and infrastructure

The Met Office is recognised as a global leader in weather and climate science and leads the UK’s engagement with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Our observations network and high-resolution modelling enable us to provide data streams and model outputs to other forecast providers.

In some cases, this data is combined with other data to provide a particular audience with a bespoke forecast. Alternatively, organisations may take detailed forecasts from the Met Office.

The heart of UK weather

Below is just a selection of the organisations to which the Met Office provides data or forecast information.





The Weather Company