Public Weather Service Customer Group

The Met Office is a government Trading Fund Agency owned by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT). It provides services to the public and the commercial sector. Its core role is its services to the Public in the form of the UK's Public Weather Service (PWS).

The Public Weather Service Customer Group (PWSCG) acts as the customer on behalf of the public for free at the point of use weather services and on behalf of Public Sector users of PWS outputs. It is responsible for setting the requirement and specifying the outputs, supporting research and development to meet future requirements, meeting international commitments on behalf of UK Government, providing underpinning data for stakeholders and authorising payment for the PWS from DSIT.

The Public Weather Service (PWS) provides a coherent range of weather information and weather-related warnings that enable the UK public and professional bodies to make informed decisions in their day-to-day activities, to optimise or mitigate against the impact of the weather, and to contribute to the protection of life, property and basic infrastructure. The PWS also provides research, and forecast and observational data which are essential inputs to a wide range of Met Office services.

International Commitments (IC) fulfil Met Office commitments acting on behalf of the UK Government on designated international bodies in support of UK Government aims, maximising the value for money benefits of membership to the nation and ensuring the necessary data and infrastructure provision required by the PWS.

Public Weather Service and Public Weather Service Customer Group combined Annual Report 2022/23

Public Weather Service Customer Group