A man downloading data on his laptop.

UKCP data

*The UKCP User Interface and the CEDA Archive will both be unavailable between 23 October 2023 and 6 November 2023, due to essential maintenance. Find out more information.* 

UKCP User Interface

Download and customise climate projections for any region in the UK by using the UKCP User Interface. 

CEDA catalogue

Access datasets not included in the UKCP User Interface. For example, you can find UKCP Global (60km) and UKCP Regional (12km) data for other parts of the world in the CEDA catalogue.

UKCP data factsheets

A collection of documents that provide short overview of the projections for different products and metrics, such as temperature or precipitation.

UKCP data caveats and limitations

Summary of the key caveats and limitations you need to be aware of when using or referencing UKCP data.

Available data, access and data formats

Find out more about what datasets are available, how to access them as well as their characteristics and formats.