An ensemble probability forecast of rainfall > 10 mm


State of the UK Climate

The State of the UK Climate report provides the most recent annual update and interpretation of these observations.  The observations conform to current best practice observational standards as defined by the World Meteorological Organization and pass through a range of quality assurance procedures before being used in climate monitoring.  In addition to the atmospheric measurements, time series of near-coast sea-surface temperature and sea-level rise are also considered.

Further information

Further supporting information can be found in Guidance and Science Reports and include:

  • Factsheets that summarise the key findings for the available variables in the observations.
  • A summary of the results, evaluation and limitations of the observations in the UKCP18 Science Overview report [20MB].
  • Previous State of the UK Climate reports, which can be found here.

The full dataset is available from the CEDA Data Catalogue (note that this requires familiarity with handling large datasets).