An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Dynamics research scientists

  • Dr Thomas Allen

    Thomas works on numerical aspects of the dynamics equations. This includes aspects of the transport schemes and solution to elliptic equations on massively parallel computers.

  • Dr Thomas Bendall

    Tom researches and develops new algorithms and techniques for GungHo, the Met Office's next-generation dynamical core.

  • Dr Ian Boutle

Ian works on cloudy boundary layers and their representation within the Met Office's Unified Model

  • Dr Terry Davies

    Terry develops and maintains the atmospheric dynamical core of the Met Office's Unified Model.

  • Dr Christine Johnson

    Christine works on the development of next generation atmospheric models

  • Dr Thomas Melvin

    Thomas works on developing and testing new numerical techniques for the Met Office's Unified Model dynamical core.

  • Lewis Sampson

    Lewis is a foundation scientific software engineer, employed as a member of the Excalibur pool, working under the Next Generation Modelling Systems (NGMS) programme.

  • Dr Ben Shipway

    Ben is Head of the Dynamics Research Group and leads the scientific development of LFRic - the next generation replacement for the Unified Model.

  • Dr Chris Smith

    Chris develops and tests computer code used for simulating large-scale atmospheric motion.

  • Prof. John Thuburn

    Numerical methods and geophysical fluid dynamics are the core areas of John's research activities.

  • Dr Nigel Wood

    Nigel is the Met Office Principal Fellow for Next Generation Modelling Systems.

  • Dr Mohamed Zerroukat

    Mohamed works on numerical aspects of the dynamics equations. This includes advection/transport schemes and their application to passive tracers and other prototype dynamical sets of equations, like shallow water equations.