An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Verification, impacts and post-processing scientists


  • Oak Wells

    Oak leads the Verification, Impacts and Post-Processing section within Weather Science

  • Dr Gavin Evans

    Gavin focuses on developing post-processing capabilities for hydro-meteorological applications

  • Prof Brian Golding

    Brian researches to advance our forecasting capabilities of hazardous weather

  • Simon Jackson

    Simon leads the research and development of post-processing systems

  • Dr Seshagirirao Kolusu

Kolusu works in the Weather Impacts team

  • Stephen Moseley

    Stephen works on Post Processing Met Office model data and nowcasting programmes

  • Robert Neal

    Robert develops post-processing systems and products for high impact weather

  • Joanne Robbins

    Joanne develops post-processing systems and products to forecast the impacts of hazardous weather

  • Dr Michael Sharpe

Michael researches and applies new techniques to assess the quality of warning and forecast products

  • Helen Titley

    Helen develops post-processing systems and products for high-impact weather

  • Anette Van der Wal

    Anette's work involves development, maintenance and support for the NWP Area-Based Verification System

  • Bruce Wright

    Bruce leads one of the teams responsible for developing the post-processing of NWP model output