Met Office Data Science Framework

Capability in data science within the Met Office has been growing over the last few years, with a vibrant community of practice, building critical infrastructure and delivering demonstrator pilot projects that have really brought to life what can be achieved in this important area of research. 

The Met Office Data Science Framework sets out how we will take the next step forward to help realise the potential of a new frontier in machine learning and artificial intelligence for weather and climate science and services. 

The Framework consists of three pillars:

  1. Capabilities. This first pillar identifies the Met Office’s priority data science capabilities within science and production. These can be combined with other Met Office capabilities, and those of partners, to ensure we are able to respond to the opportunities and threats of a dynamic and fast-evolving environment and technology.   
  2. People. People are the engine of any strategy. This second pillar describes how an enabling environment will be created that attracts, retains and develops the skilled and diverse workforce needed to realize the potential value of data science in the weather and climate science and services.   
  3. Partners. The Met Office on its own cannot realize the value of data science to the weather and climate endeavour, nor can it keep abreast of all the developments and opportunities associated with this fast-evolving technology: this can only be with partners across the national and international community. This pillar describes how we will work with partners to deliver more than the sum of our parts.  

Our approach will ensure that the Met Office remains resilient, agile and able to respond to the demands, and opportunities, associated with a fast-moving technology, and achieve the goal ‘To harness the power of data science to push the frontiers of weather and climate science and services’.

Watch our video to find out more about embedding data science in our weather and climate science and services at the Met Office and the Met Office Data Science framework.



In our Mostly Climate podcast we explore the topic of data science and how together with AI, the Met Office is using this technology to to better understand weather and climate change. Presented by Dr. Doug McNeall and Dr. Rosie Oakes with guest speaker Dr. Kirstine Dale, Met Office's Chief AI Officer (CAIO) and Principal Fellow for Data Science.