An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Ann Keen

Areas of expertise

  • Sea ice modelling
  • Model assessment
  • Climate change

Current activities

Ann contributes to the development and assessment of the sea ice component of the Met Office Hadley centre coupled model, with the aim of improving the representation of ice processes within the model, and increasing confidence in our projections of future climate change. Ann is also involved in assessing and understanding the sea ice response in climate change experiments. In particular she is working to understand the processes driving the variability and decline in Arctic sea ice in model simulations, and how this compares to observed changes. Ann is the external supervisor for a PhD student at , working on processes in the marginal ice zone.

Career background

Ann joined the Met Office in 1991, working in Climate Research on the assessment of coupled climate change simulations. From 1998 to 2001 she worked on various projects in Forecasting Systems. In 2001 she returned to Climate Research, working in the Model Validation group until 2002, when she joined the Ocean and Sea Ice Model Development group as a sea ice scientist. Prior to joining the Met Office Ann worked in the research department of Kodak Ltd. Ann has a first class degree in mathematical physics from Nottingham University, and a masters degree in numerical analysis from Brunel University.