An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Dr Aurore Porson

Areas of expertise

  • Atmospheric boundary-layer and land-surface parameterizations.

  • Fog predictability and high-impact rainfall predictability.

  • Convective-scale ensemble forecasting.

  • Ensemble spread/multi-model ensembles

Publications by Aurore Porson

Current activities

Aurore is a scientist working on convective-scale ensemble forecasting. Her main role is to develop and improve the scientific configuration of the convective-scale ensemble model MOGREPS-UK. Aurore's work also focuses on the representation of ensemble spread at convective-scale resolution and the assessment of ensemble forecast skill.

Career background

Aurore joined the Met Office in 2008 as a scientist working on fog development and predictability. As part of her work on ensemble modelling, Aurore ran high-resolution ensemble forecasts of the Unified Model from 2.2 km down to 100 m to examine the predictability of the fog forecasts across the different resolutions and assess the guidance provided by the ensemble as a whole. Aurore also ran 4.5 km resolution ensembles over Singapore to help with the prediction of high-impact rainfall. Before joining the Met Office, Aurore completed a PhD in atmospheric physics at the catholic University of Louvain, within the Institut d'astronomie et de geophysique Georges Lemaitre in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), where she also received her undergraduate and Master degrees. During her PhD she received Belgian government funding to spend over six months working at the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, at the University of British Columbia, developing high-resolution numerical simulations of sea-breeze scaling. She then did a three-year post-doc at the Department of Meteorology at theUniversity of Reading Department of Meteorology working on urban parameterization. Aurore now works at MetOffice@Reading, at the Department of Meteorology, University of Reading.