An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Dr Clare O'Neill

Current activities

Clare is currently working on setting up a new Storm surge model for the UK. This is a project to replace the current operational surge model with a new one based on the NEMO ocean code.

Clare also works on setting up, running, and analysing ocean models for commercial customers, especially oil and gas customers.

Career background

Before joining the Met Office in 2012, Clare was a coastal modeller at the National Oceanography Centre (formerly Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory). She was responsible for a pre-operational modelling system for the Irish Sea, which comprised a nested suite of ocean-ecosystem models and a website that displayed results to users.

Clare completed her PhD in ocean modelling, at Plymouth University, in 2008. She set up a POLCOMS model of the Rockall Bank region and used this to investigate formation and cascading of dense water.

Clare has a BSc in Oceanography with Maths from the University of Southampton.