An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Dr Dan Bernie

Areas of expertise

  • Climate resilience and risk
  • UK climate change
  • Climate change and health
  • Interdisciplinary research
  • Climate change mitigation

Publications by Dan Bernie

Current activities

Dan manages the Met Office’s Climate Resilience team, developing tools and approaches to assess different aspects of climate change risk. These are then applied to inform adaptation decision making for a wide range of sectors and stakeholders. He currently leads part of the Horizon Europe ASPECT project on developing new user case studies for seamless climate predictions, initially working with the pensions sector. He also leads the development and delivery of various projects under the Hadley Centre Climate Programme to build on the underpinning science and deliver or enable applied climate change research on various topics around climate extremes and risk assessment.

Dan is the Met Office lead for health sciences and a core member of the WMO’s study group on Integrated health services, complimenting his part time position at the University of Bristol where he is Associate Professor in the Medical school.

Dan is also a former Associate Editor of the journal “Climate Resilience and Sustainability” and a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society’.

Career background

Dan joined the Met Office in 2007 to work on tropical climate variability and climate model development before working in central Government as a science adviser. On returning to the Met Office Dan worked extensively on Climate Change mitigation, including managing of the Hadley Centre's Mitigation Advice team, and working on a number of EU projects including HELIX, AMPERE, ICE2SEA and CRESCENDO. He has lead consultancy work for OECD, EDF and the Committee on Climate Change.

Prior to his career with UK government, Dan worked for the CNRS at IPSL in Paris and obtained a PhD in meteorology from the University of Reading.