An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Dr Edward Pope

Areas of expertise

  • Mathematical and numerical modelling techniques
  • Thermodynamics and the physics of fluids
  • Extreme value and time series analysis
  • Land surface-atmosphere interactions

Current Activities

Edward's work across Applied Climate Science involves assessing the impact of climate change across a range of sectors, including energy, water, and human security (e.g. food and livelihoods). To do this, Edward works closely with commercial companies, government organisations, and academic partners (e.g. universities, British Geological Survey). Part of Edward's role also involves developing the Met Office's operational Space Weather forecasting capabilities, as well as building tools to better-understand the performance and output of our weather and climate models.  
Edward is also actively involved in Met Office's STEM outreach programme.

Career Background

Edward joined the Met Office in 2011. Prior to this, he spent 5 years as a post-doctoral researcher at UK and Canadian universities, developing mathematical models of complex, multi-phase fluid flows in galaxies. Edward obtained his PhD in Physics in 2006, building computational models of fluid jets in stratified atmospheres, and completed a Physics degree in 2003.  
Edward has published research papers on a wide range of fluid and dynamical systems phenomena in peer-reviewed scientific journals, along with articles in the New Scientist and Physics World. He has also presented talks and posters at a variety of national and international meetings, workshops and conferences.