Frederick Brauer

Areas of expertise

  • Electricity networks
  • Nuclear
  • Renewable energy
  • Weather and climate data applications
  • Meteorological hazards

Current activities

Horizon Nuclear Power

  • UNprecedented Simulated Extremes using ENsembles (UNSEEN) methodology: Use of hindcasts to better estimate extreme behaviour
  • Extreme value analysis
  • Climate change timescales

National Grid

  • Network Innovation Allowance: Solar radiation forecasting R&D

Weather analytics for business insights

Product Strategies

  • Data API’s
  • OGC standards
  • Decision support tools

Career background

Fred is a degreed meteorologist from the United States with experience delivering forecasting services to the media, marine, and energy meteorology sectors. He has a technical background with experience in data analysis, verification, database management, web application design and product development.

Most recently, Fred has worked directly with clients and strategic accounts providing technical account management and business consultancy. He has spent the last seven years at the Met Office, developing new business opportunities in the Energy sector and managing strategic projects, over which time he focussed on the pull through of Met Office science into business applications and feedback of business needs into future science strategy.