About Met Office DataPoint

DataPoint is a way of accessing freely available Met Office data feeds in a format that is suitable for application developers. It is aimed at professionals, the scientific community and student or amateur developers, in fact anyone looking to re-use Met Office data within their own innovative applications.

Access to data includes:

  • forecast and observation map layers such as radar and cloud cover for the UK
  • forecast and observed site specific data such as temperature, wind speed and direction
  • regularly updated text forecasts for mountain weather, national parks and UK regions

Data are available in XML or JSON formats.

To access the data you must Register to obtain an API key. Registration is free. This also enables us to provide notification of any changes to the data, newly available data or any incidents affecting availability.

Use of DataPoint is subject to Terms and conditions - DataPoint and a Fair Use Policy.


Getting Started with Met Office DataPoint

DataPoint Support documentation

DataPoint Support Group