Path of the jet stream and how it interacts with the UK shown on the globe

Consultancy and advice

The UK's defence aerospace market is a multi-billion pound industry, with export markets across the world. It covers a diverse range of equipment and systems, from missile and satellite technology to aircraft carriers and submarines. Military equipment has to be designed to operate within an increasingly broad range of terrains and environments.

We can work with you to help predict the impacts of the atmosphere on your operations, including:

  • Providing detailed environmental analyses for any area of the world - taking into account the latest climate change research, which will impact on equipment and systems with typical lifetimes of 25 to 40 years.
  • Understanding the in-service environmental support requirements for the different missions the equipment and systems will be used for.

Our knowledge of military requirements, gained from the support we provide to UK forces on operations, combined with our scientific and forecasting expertise means significant benefit can be achieved by engaging with the Met Office from the early stages of design.

We can also integrate our services to support export sales to other countries, including:

  • meteorological training for military advisors and personnel;
  • integration of systems (including our Horace V weather production and display system, mission support tools and environmental information feeds; and
  • gathering of requirements to tailor the environmental support offering to specific mission needs.