Stylised image of different types of weather above the earth globe.

Kate Brown MMet, Operational meteorologist

Areas of expertise

  • Retail
  • Sports and leisure events
  • Energy
  • Road
  • Aviation

Current activities

Kate is an operational meteorologist at Met Office HQ in Exeter. She provides bespoke weather forecasts for commercial clients in many industry sectors. Her role includes working directly with them onsite as part of their in-house teams, helping them to use weather information to make effective operational decisions. For example, she was the only onsite meteorologist for the Major League Baseball’s London Series 19, the first game to be played in Europe.

Kate also collaborates with the Met Office Science and Business teams to help create new services and refine our offering to clients’ specific requirements.

Career background

Kate joined the Met Office in 2011 as a trainee forecaster. Following graduation from the Met Office College, she was posted to the Aberdeen office. During that time, she gained her diploma in meteorological forecasting.

In 2014, she moved back to Exeter HQ. Since then, Kate has undertaken detachments to work directly with customers both in the UK and abroad, including the RAF in Cyprus.

Before joining the Met Office, Kate completed her undergraduate Master of Meteorology (MMet) degree at Reading University. As part of the course, she spent her third year at Oklahoma University in the United States, which gave her opportunity to study a wide range of extreme weather conditions.