An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Atmospheric processes and parametrization scientists

  • Dr Keith Williams

    Keith is the Head of Atmospheric Processes and Parametrizations and conducts research into process-orientated model evaluation.

  • Dr Martin Best

    Martin manages the research undertaken on land surface processes

Ian works on cloudy boundary layers and their representation within the Met Office's Unified Model

Jenn works on representing land surface and boundary layer processes in the Met Office Unified Model.

  • Dr Steve Derbyshire

    Steve leads a research and development team working on flow over topography and related problems.

  • Dr Tom Dunstan

    Tom works on flow modelling over complex terrain and using machine learning to improve parametrizations in atmospheric models.

  • Dr Paul Field

    Paul leads research into cloud microphysical processes.

  • Dr Kalli Furtado

    Kalli works on cloud microphysics, with a particular interest in mixed-phase and ice clouds.

  • Dr John Hemmings

    John is a software engineer working on the modelling of aerosols and aerosol-cloud interactions.

  • Dr Maggie Hendry

    Maggie works on representing surface processes in weather and climate models with a particular interest in urban areas.

  • Dr Alan Hewitt

    Alan joined the ESMS team as a Scientific Software Engineer

  • Dr Adrian Hill

    Adrian works on cloud microphysics and aerosol-cloud interactions.

  • Helen Johnson

Helen works on representing snow and lakes within the JULES land surface model.

Anthony works on the parameterization of aerosols in climate models.

  • Dr Adrian Lock

    Adrian leads the research and development of the parametrization of the atmospheric boundary layer.

  • Dr James Manners

    James works on the parametrization of radiative transfer in the atmosphere.

  • Dr Cyril Morcrette

    Cyril leads a team improving the way that clouds and radiation are represented in weather forecasts and climate simulations.

  • Dr Annelize van Niekerk

    Annelize is a visiting scientist and works on the representation of orography and drag in the Met Office Unified Model.

  • Dr Gabriel Rooney

    Gabriel works on aspects of convection in the atmosphere.

  • Dr Heather Rumbold (Ashton)

    Heather works on land surface processes with a particular interest in soil hydrology

  • Dr Peter Sheridan

    Peter works on flows in hilly and mountainous terrain, with a specific focus on fine-scale prediction of wind and temperature, and related hazards.

  • Dr Samantha Smith

Samantha works on flow over mountains, with a particular interest in orographic precipitation.

  • Dr Alison Stirling

    Alison leads research into convection representation in weather and climate models.

  • Dr Rachel Stratton

    Rachel works on atmospheric convection and clouds.

  • Dr Graham Weedon

    Graham works on the datasets needed for running land surface models such as JULES as well as analysing model output.

  • Dr Kwinten Van Weverberg

    Kwinten is a visiting scientist at the Met Office working on large-scale cloud parametrizations

  • Dr Michael Whitall

    Michael is a research scientist investigating atmospheric convection.

  • Dr Jonathan Wilkinson

    Jonathan works on cloud microphysics modelling, with the specific interest of improving the microphysics within the forecast and climate models.