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Working in partnership

Scientific research collaboration

Our academic and research relationships and formal partnerships enable the sharing of skill and capabilities as well as the alignment of research and development programmes. This is of benefit to the advancement of weather and climate science and the development of products and services.

Resilience partnerships

Flooding can have severe impacts, and we work closely with partners across the UK to support the delivery of flood forecasts and warnings. We are also part of the Natural Hazards Partnership consortium helping deliver co-ordinated assessments, research and advice on natural hazards for governments and resilience communities across the UK.

Education partnerships

Our education team works in partnership with a range of organisations to share knowledge and expertise. Through partnerships and resources, we aim to help young people understand the impacts of weather and climate.

Engagement partnerships

We work in partnership with others to share advice and information with the public, to help us all to stay safe and thrive - prepared for the impacts of our weather and our changing climate.

Learn more about our scientific collaborations, resilience partnerships and education partnerships below.